GoodReads iPhone App

This may already exist in some form, but here’s an imaginary feature list:

  • adds to GoodReads library based on a photo of a bar code and/or ISBN
  • page-based annotations based on photo or entry of page #, including word-lookups, favorite words, or just random notes
  • maybe you could print out a bookmark with a barcode for a given book, and when you want to leave a note for the book your reading, you use your iPhone to scan the bar code first

I usually have a bookmark and pen by my side as I read, and I keep note of cool or unknown words, choice quotes, or whatever thoughts occur to me while reading.  I don’t think the iPhone can really serve as a replacement (too thick, too expensive), but it might make for an interesting way to enhance social reading sites like GoodReads, Shelfari, or LibraryThing.