ridiculous rails boot times

I recently ran safe-upgrade on Ubuntu, which involved updates to a bunch of stuff, including Linux headers and postgres, but now my Rails boot time is now 3x longer. I still don’t know why, which is frustrating, but I did learn about a few things along the way.

The first is Bumbler, a tool for inspecting gem load times, among other things.

The second is Passenger’s passenger_start_timeout setting, which is how I’m addressing my problem without really addressing my problem.

The third is that Rackspace now has a “Performance” VPS product that seems to be both faster and cheaper than their old VPSs. Unfortunately transitioning is non-trivial, since you can’t do it for 1st gen cloud servers and if you want to create a Performance Cloud Server from an Next Gen image you can only do it from a 1GB Next Gen server.