I was running into the error described here,

ERROR: index 'model_name_core': sql_range_query: ERROR: integer out of range

so I re-compiled Postgres with 64 bit support and upgraded to a version of Thinking Sphinx that incorporated the patch (1.4.6), but still no dice. After manually re-running the SQL query Sphinx was using many times, I finally narrowed the problem down to a row with a date set in the year 8, as in 0008. TS generates a SQL statement that extracts the epoch from date column and casts them as INTs, but this should have been cast as something bigger. This was fixed in d9f3df980a6f8441a17b with the use_64_bit config option, but that’s fix isn’t available in the 1.x line of TS, and the 2.x line doesn’t work with Rails 2.x, so I lose.

The problematic row was erroneous, so I fixed it and that repaired indexing, but I’m still running a potentially buggy version of TS. Ugh.

However, I did learn that \x enables vertical output in psql, much like \G does in mysql. Yay.